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Alarmed at the disturbing number of nurses leaving the profession within their first few years in practice, Cherokee Uniforms provided a grant to Emmy Award-winning director David Hoffman to produce a film for nurses and nursing students that would encourage, inspire and instruct. When the dust cleared, David had completed two films that shared the same name: A Nurse I Am. One, a 32-minute educational film, features four nursing role models – nurses who are competent and compassionate and have a deep commitment to their patients and to their profession. All of them are recipients of the Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award (an annual award sponsored by Cherokee to call attention to the immense dedication, compassion, intelligence, and skill that nurses and other healthcare professionals demonstrate every day).

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The Educational Version of the film A Nurse I Am has earned endorsements from some of the nation’s strongest nursing advocates, including the Ohio Nurses Association, the Association of Pediatric Oncology Nurses, the American Assembly for Men in Nursing, Nurses House, Inc., and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. In the Educational Version of the film, David presents nurses in real-life situations in varied settings interacting with real patients, students and colleagues to highlight key points for a successful nursing career. This film includes words of wisdom and encouragement from these positive nursing role models.

The second film, a 62-minute documentary, chronicles the personal and professional lives of three of the nurses featured in the Educational Version. The documentary reveals what motivates these professionals to pursue excellence in every aspect of their clinical practice, despite profound challenges, and shows how these nurses maintain personal balance in the midst of high-stakes, pressure-filled careers. Whether meeting the needs of children with cancer, the medically underserved of Appalachia or patients at an urban hospital, these remarkable nurses are instructional, inspirational and memorable!

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