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David Hoffman My daughter is a trauma nurse in the ER department at San Francisco General. While I was making adocumentary on the ER department at Detroit Receiving Hospital, she pointed out to me that most nursing care takes place outside the emergency department where competence, critical assessment skills, patient advocacy, and just plain hard work, all together, make great nurses. The Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award provided a perfect vehicle to find great nurses and to document their experiences – for two reasons. First, these nurses are the very best. Second, they are NURSES and representatives of the typical work that nurses do, day after day across our country.

I was honored to film several of these nurses on and off the job, to see how they deal with their daily challenges, how they take advantage of opportunities, and how they have become powerful advocates for their patients.

We have shown A Nurse I Am, and time and again, it has touched not only nurses and their families, but ordinary Americans, most of whom will have had personal experiences that have placed them or their loved ones, under a nurse's care.

If you are a nursing student or a nurse, I hope these two films inspire and encourage you to continue to be your best. A Nurse I Am is dedicated to you.

David Hoffman

David Hoffman

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