2007 Winning Essay

2007 A Nurse I Am Scholarship winners were asked to answer the following: In 500 words or less, please tell us what "A Nurse I Am" meant to you.

Jodi Edwards

Black Hawk College

Update 5/10/2008

I have officially completed the Black Hawk College ADN program. I will be taking boards in the weeks to come, after I celebrate some more. I plan to apply at a local hospital on a Med/Surg Unit.

Winning Essay

What A Nurse I Am Meant to Me

As I sit in lecture, feeling all the nervousness that you feel those first days of your first semester, the instructor announced that we were going to watch a video. I anticipated a very clinical, rigid portrayal of the right and the wrong things to do in the clinical setting. Instead we watched a very real and full of feeling video about what it is to be a nurse. I was very moved, and very tearful. I found myself actually feeling.

I’m not at a skill level that allows me to relate with the technical side of nursing, totally. However, I can relate to the long hours, sacrifice, and hard work. All of the previously mentioned is not my idea of utopia, but the rewards of the long hours, sacrifice, and hard work are. Watching this video made me realize the most important part of my decision to become an R.N. I’m in it for the best reason of all, love.

All of our lives, as humans we chase after it, and sometimes we even withhold it. Nursing to me is about love, love for what you’re doing, and love for your fellow human beings. The nurses in the video really brought about the feeling of love. They put themselves last; there was a realness or genuine quality about each nurse in the video. I found myself thinking that I hoped that one day, my patients would feel the same for me.

I hear about abuse stories, nursing shortages, horror stories about wrong medication dosages, etc. However disheartening, there is something inside of me that tells me that I could get past that if the situation arose. I hear comments from other people that if I don’t like the work; at least the money will be good. It is at that point; never having been an assertive person, that I summon the strength to defend my passion and inform people of what it truly means to be a nurse or any other member of the medical profession.

Some people do not realize the true girt it takes to sacrifice family, sleep, and at times your own wellbeing. Thank goodness for passion and thank goodness for good instructors. Thank goodness for good examples and videos that truly reflect what Nursing is all about.

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