2017 Winning Essay

Why do you want to be a nurse? Please let us know in 150 words or less.

Linda Hansoul Yoo

The University of Texas, Austin

I was once a patient. As a nursing student with Ulcerative Colitis, I understand the true meaning of compassion. For two years of active illness, I was empowered by a nurse practitioner to pursue my dreams to help others; she believed I could accomplish anything, even with my illness, unlike others who doubted my ability to attend college. Because of her, I aspire to be a nurse who not only educates and cares about patients, but also supports patients to follow their dreams, work hard, and never stop believing. Compassion is far more than care and love; it is standing up and advocating on behalf of patients. Now two years into remission, I am ready to give back to those who need my support. I strive to be the nurse who empowers even the smallest of patients, just as my nurse practitioner did four years ago.

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