2019 Winning Essay

Tiffinei Lee-Huertas

Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fayetteville, NC

I want to be a nurse because there is a need for nurses in low income communities. After I obtain my RN, I want to work towards my Masters in Nursing while working at the local hospital where I live, Cape Fear Valley. My focus specifically is the low income communities within the city. These people do not have proper access to healthcare or education to maintain their health. After receiving my Masters I want to volunteer for the Nurse Corp, which sends RNs to places within the US and third world countries that demonstrate a need for healthcare and assistance in low income or poverty stricken communities. I know this would be an amazing experience and I look forward to being able to put in time and work doing God's deeds. My end goal within the nursing field it to obtain my Nurse Practitioner license and open a clinic that would provide education as well as supplies for those in need. I believe a huge problem within the community is simply access to these services. The reason I am working towards my RN degree is because I know, from living in a low income community growing up, that there is a massive need for health services. I want to help assist those who do need help in order for them to assist themselves. I grew up very poor and we did not have a lot. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 8 and my parents struggled with supplies, covering the costs of specialists, and healthier food for me to eat. A lot of times they went without so that I could have what I needed to survive. I want to be able to take a small portion of that burden off of those in need.

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