2007 Winning Essay

2007 A Nurse I Am Scholarship winners were asked to answer the following: In 500 words or less, please tell us what "A Nurse I Am" meant to you.

Raja Taher

Falls Church Academy

Update June 15, 2008

Well...I have graduated from Fairfax County School of Practical Nursing as of June 9, 2008 and looking forward to taking NCLEX-PN (although terrified). I finished my nursing pre-requisites at Northern Virginia Community College and I have gotten accepted to George Mason University's LPN to BSN program begining in August.

Professionally, I am planning to start applying to LPN position jobs while futhering my education.

I am really excited and proud to have sooo much done and I believe that the scholarship did help in so many ways.-

Winning Essay

A Nurse I Am

Ever since I was a child I have awaken with the same dream to be a nurse. Everyday I have my desire encouraging and supporting me. When I saw A Nurse I Am I knew that I am indeed choosing the correct path. I had never taken the time to think that a smile could make a patient’s day. I saw the bond between the nurse and the patient – it felt like is was a bond of true friendship. My delightful impressions encourage me to pursue nursing as my career. Even when a nurse feels tired or has rivulet of tears on her cheeks, she knows that her job and her patients are worth the trials and tribulations. Patients live their lives at a hospital surrounded by family and friends that care about them.

In the film, the nurses sat to introduce themselves, which gives a patient a feeling of comfort. I would love to see myself being with patients to talk with them, hear their problems, advising and encouraging them. If I wake up one day and see that I have helped someone who is in need, it will be though I have accomplished a goal and have stepped up the ladder of success and happiness for which I am striving.

A Nurse I Am said to me “ You are starting a challenging job, but it is very helpful occupation. God has given you the strength and power to be helpful so use your magic to heal someone and bring a smile to a patient.” This film allowed me to know that I can be helpful and I can be a lifesaver. It actually assured me that I will be making lots of friends and shall find more people to love me as I will love the labor to assist them in their time of need.

The film made me cry when I saw the male nurse with his patients, even though they looked more like his friends. They were very sick and dying children, who made the nurse, face the reality of death, still the nurse was able to make a difference in his sick patient’s life. He made them feel love, he made them smile and experience happiness in the time they have left on earth.

It would make me proud to be a nurse with multidimensional knowledge. Use of technology and equipment, mathematics, pharmacology, biology, and chemistry are many different studies I can hope to assimilate in one career. But most importantly, simply sitting and listening to my patients would help them heal. Therefore, I plan to be an advocate, a friend and a student. With the training of other skilled nurses, I aspire to become an experienced nurse who seeks to learn more and always improve. Additionally, sitting with my patients, keeping them company, comfortable and happy would enlighten my day and my life. To me, every patient will be unique and every patient is a VIP.

The film basically reinforced my belief that I can realize my goal – I can help others in need, be their friend, listen to them, support them and care about them. It also indicated to me that I will be happy and will strive to keep people around me happy. A Nurse I Am was a gift to me; it was as if a lamp was lighting my path. A Nurse I Am will always be a lesson for me, even when I in fact shall be a nurse. If nursing brings happiness, then I’m ready to be mentored, to make friends, to laugh and to cry, and above all to help patients and to be happy. Now, I am most confident that I am prepared to become a nurse.

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