2008 Winning Essay

2008 A Nurse I Am Scholarship winners were asked to answer the following: In 750 words or less, how did "A Nurse I Am" change or enhance your perception of nursing as a career? Using one of the nurses on the film as a role model, explain why someone should pursue nursing as a career.

Liza Kessling

Pensacola Christian College

Update 3/2/09

After this semester, I will have two semesters and I will have graduated with a bachelor's degree for my RN. This summer, God has given me the opportunity to spend two months in the Ivory Coast, working in a local clinic and going into villages and orphanages to provide medical help. After I graduate in May 2010, I hope to work in a local hospital for a couple of years and eventually go into missionary work as a nurse.

Winning Essay

Do rounds, get vitals, do a physical assessment, finish morning care, give medications – this was my perception of nursing after the first semester in classes and clinical. After viewing the A Nurse I Am video, my perception of nursing has been changed for the better. Every Tuesday morning last semester I took out my list of things to do and ingrained them into my head. Not one Tuesday morning did I include on that list any of the following: encourage the patient, pray for the patient, and spend time with the patient. In fact, just as this list showed, I did not even think of the patient as my patient. I had started school as a nursing major because I wanted to share God’s love and to be an encouragement. But I had been so wrapped up in doing my job for me grade that I forgot the reason I wanted to be a nurse. This video has showed me that each patient I take care of is my patient. There is a personal level to nursing which goes beyond the to do list. We need to complete all of our objectives for each patient but we also need to show the patient that we care, that we think of them as an individual and not just another list to add to our work. Having seen this video, I will be taking this next semester of clinical with a new philosophy. Each patient will be my patient. Each patient will have been prayed for before clinical. Each patient will be encourages and his or her care will be personal for me.

Ardis Bush said in the documentary, “The ambition as a nurse is to serve fellow man for more than earthly gain.” Why should you consider a nursing career? Because what we do here in this world is important. What we do here reflects on us. We may not be a nurse manager like Ms. Bush but we need to have her attitude of love and humility. We need to have her desire to serve and to make a difference. Serving as a nurse may hurt as Ms. Bush said, but it will be rewarding. Helping people, serving them, giving them hope for another day, and loving them no matter the circumstances – these are just some of the things that you will do as a nurse. If you think that nursing is just another job, then this is not a profession for you. Nursing is far from going to work, coming home, being paid, and repeating this every day or week. Nursing is a way of life. Ms. Bush said that she made the decision to be a nurse and she expects herself to do her best. That is what nursing is. It is going to each patient and treating the person not the diagnosis. It is loving the people and the work. It is making a commitment to care for people, to give of yourself for them. When we are at the hospital as patients, we do not want a nurse that is aloof and only half-hearted. We want a nurse that gives her best every time. You have that chance. Ms. Bush emphasized that nursing is not easy. But it is important. It is a challenge and it does require time and care. But that time is worth it. Why should you be a nurse? Because it is the perfect opportunity to shower someone with care, to offer him hope, and to provide him with the care he needs.

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