2010 Winning Essay

2010 A Nurse I Am Scholarship winners were asked to answer the following: The metaparadigm concepts of nursing are person, health, environment and nursing. These terms are generally used to define nursing as a discipline. Pick two nurses from the film and tell how they fulfilled the needs of the patients they cared for using these concepts. Compare or contrast how these 2 nurses use these concepts to the way you plan to use them in your practice as a nurse.

Aleesha Tremper

Southern Adventist University School of Nursing

To most the motivation to write this essay may have been the possibility of winning a scholarship, but to me the motivation came from more than just an award. After watching this movie portraying several outstanding nurses' sacrifice, I was not only inspired to write this essay but I was inspired to share with you my extreme desire to become a one of a kind caring nurse.

A nurse's job includes much more than just the physiological health of a person. The dimensions include but are not limited to the person, health, environment, and nursing interventions. These characteristics define nursing as a discipline and require extreme commitment. After observing Robert Wilson and Mona Counts, I respect many of the amazing examples of compassion that they showed to their patients. They effectively demonstrated true professional quality in all four dimensions of nursing.

Beginning with the "person", I could clearly see the way Robert demonstrated his nursing through connecting with his pediatric cancer patients. The children appreciated and responded to his jokes and friendly smiles with expressions that melted my heart. Not only was Bob there to perform professional medical procedures but he was dedicated to making their day a little brighter. In addition, bystanders such as parents and family members could feel Bob's commitment to his patients through his including them during discussion and patient care. Mona Counts appeared specifically successful with older patients. In considering the "person" dimension of nursing, Mona understood the importance of independence and honesty in connecting with her patients. Elderly people received respect and opportunities to make their own decisions from Mona. Independence was protected and Mona was careful to treat them as adults and not little children. I am very sensitive to each of these examples and plan to adopt them in my own nursing strategy.

Health is the second dimension of nursing and is crucially important to the patients' well -being. Robert cared for the health of his patients by participating in it himself as much as possible. He took the time to teach parents how to care for their children at home. While administering procedures, Bob explained each step before doing it and was completely honest in telling them what to expect. Bob also included the children in procedures that they could learn to do for themselves to help them feel like they were progressing. Mona had a distinct but essential boldness with her patient's health. She frankly told them what to expect and how they were doing instead of candy-coating the truth. Instructions were given to each of her patients so that they could be included and learn to improve their own health. Mona understood that patients must be actively involved or positive results will only be temporary. It is important to me that I learn to effectively care for my patient's health while still including them in the process.

Robert was a professional at creating a priceless environment for his patients! Not only was he honest with the children but he encouraged them to be strong through painful procedures. Bob's smile and compassionate heart showed not only to the kids but also to their parents as he worked to allow them to see progress. When his patients cried, Bob held them encouraging them to be strong, and when family became over-stressed, he suggested they take a break. Mona had a very different approach to environment, yet it still contained many good qualities. Mona was very honest with her patients, showing them that they had to take the first step to improving their health. The environment Mona created offered compassion when needed and plenty of strong advice from a professional. I believe that the perfect mix of Roberts and Mona's techniques will be my goal when creating a positive environment for my future patients.

Finally, nursing is the fourth dimension to consider. Both Bob and Mona skillfully completed their nursing care in a professional manner. This calmed their patient's fears as they knew that their nurse was competent to offer nursing interventions. In addition, Bob and Mona offered nursing that was fun of character and positive attitude. They refrained from letting their patients become "just another number" and treated each one with professional and compassionate nursing skills. The outstanding characteristics I have discussed in this essay define the reason that I want to become a nurse. The medical field needs more nurses willing to sacrifice time and have compassion for their patients. My career goal is to fulfill this dream and to professionally provide care and treatment for my patients.

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