2010 Winning Essay

2010 A Nurse I Am Scholarship winners were asked to answer the following: The metaparadigm concepts of nursing are person, health, environment and nursing. These terms are generally used to define nursing as a discipline. Pick two nurses from the film and tell how they fulfilled the needs of the patients they cared for using these concepts. Compare or contrast how these 2 nurses use these concepts to the way you plan to use them in your practice as a nurse.

Cynthia Estrada

Los Angeles County College of Nursing and Allied Health

Robert Wilkinson is a pediatric oncology nurse that demonstrates the metaparadigm concepts of nursing by connecting with his patients. His situation is not unique, many male nurses help the pediatric population, but what is unique about Robert is his dedication to the children that go through a very full-fledged disease process. The nursing techniques exhibited in the documentary show Robert observing relationships between patient and family. This helped him deliver positive nursing skills, by incorporating the thoughts and feelings of the parents and families of the children. Patients will usually experience positive outcomes if they are surrounded by a positive environment, and the nurse involving the family helped in creating encouraging, positive environments. Robert established great rapport with the parents and guardians, because he took the time to teach the family members how to care for their ailing children. The needs of the patient were met through communication, understanding, and awareness of the disease process. He definitely showed patience and understanding when talking to the children. He tried his best to cheer the children up; he even participated in shaving his head to show solidarity to his patients. The film showed how involved he was in the plan of care for his patients; he truly took the time with each patient's care and sat by the bedside talking about their day. Robert Wilkinson exudes the passion for taking care of people, one of the bigger qualities I hope to achieve in my clinical experience.

Mona Counts is a family nurse practitioner in the small town of Mt. Morris. She is the embodiment of a compassionate nurse. Her practice is open to the small town of Mt. Morris daily. She makes house calls to those that find it difficult to travel on her "off" times. Her patients deemed her as better than a doctor; she takes the time to explain things at their level of understanding. Things like their disease or what would occur to them. Her receptionist spoke about her dedication to her patients, by expressing her frustration with Mona's long hours. Mona, the recipient of the Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award, took the time to listen and answer her patients' questions. A moment in the documentary that truly inspired me was the amount of time she took assessing a gentleman with a probable Alzheimer's disease diagnosis. Her altruistic character of trying to comfort those individuals with potentially significant conditions helped her achieve the respect and trust of her small town. An example of the townspeople trusting her was when she was enjoying breakfast at a local restaurant with her family. A gentleman comes up to her table to ask about a Psychological evaluation. The man was quoted a price of $l400 for one visit; Mona in turn offered her services and told the gentleman she would have her receptionist contact him with all the necessary information. Being a rural and small community of financial hardship, she helped find a solution for the man's needs. A selfless deed that shows this woman is in the accurate field of helping people. Her open heart and open clinic has helped the small community of Mt. Morris stay restored.

Both of the nurses embody characteristics I wish to one day inherit in my nursing career. I wish to care for patients passionately and unconditionally. I will incorporate and observe the patients' environment, help to encourage a positive environment; and ascertain any familial roles that require assistance. Also, important to the patient is involving the family or care takers into the plan of care. I will strive to keep the family and caretakers informed and knowledgeable on their loved ones condition, progress, or unfortunate decline. In these cases it is important to not only care for the patient, but also the patient's support network. I hope to be a source of comfort for the patient and their support network. I wish to be open and understanding of all the patients' worries and concerns.If there is a situation that requires me to investigate certain possibilities, I will strive to achieve the best possible solution for my patients. Like Mona, I wish to be open to all patients' questions and concerns, even at mealtimes.

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