2010 Winning Essay

2010 A Nurse I Am Scholarship winners were asked to answer the following: The metaparadigm concepts of nursing are person, health, environment and nursing. These terms are generally used to define nursing as a discipline. Pick two nurses from the film and tell how they fulfilled the needs of the patients they cared for using these concepts. Compare or contrast how these 2 nurses use these concepts to the way you plan to use them in your practice as a nurse.

Richard C. Malo

DeSales University Department of Nursing and Health

Update 11/4/2010

The semester is going well! Fall semester is almost done and acute care, community/public health, and nursing research are all wrapping up nicely. Next semester comprises of a senior nursing seminar and our internships, with which I am trying to get a spot in our local ER. I'm very excited for internship and look forward to truly bring my education and training into practice.


If only a fraction of nurses could display a passion for their vocation through sincere care, competence and professionalism, as did the Cherokee awarded nurses in, "A Nurse I Am," the face of health care would be changed forever. Encompassing the metaparadigm concepts of nursing-which includes person, health, environment and nursing-Mona Counts and Bob Wilkinson of the documentary/educational video illustrated exactly how these concepts of nursing form the foundation for excellent patient care. Evidenced by undying commitment to her patients, especially those of an impoverished, medically underserved area, Mona extends not only her medical and nursing competence but her honest love and dedication for quality of life to her community. Remaining open for long hours and surprisingly offering house calls, Mona made it clear that caring for the person, with specific regard to economic, social, and environmental issues her patients face, is pertinent in providing comprehensive, holistic care. Continuing, it becomes obvious that this type of care makes marked difference in the wellbeing of her patients; through interview, her patients lauded the dedication and sincere concern for their mental, physical, and social health. Overall, Mona hybridizes all the components into a patient-oriented, passionate delivery of healthcare.

Although it appears impossible to match the work of Mona, Bob Wilkinson a pediatric oncologic nurse, shows that nurses across all fields and areas of the nation can deliver excellent care as well through true passion and heart-felt work. Bob recognizes that his field is especially difficult with illnesses that rob childhoods, leave parents helpless and create a seemingly insurmountable challenge for medicine. However, he diligently comes to work each day with a single goal in mind: to ease the physical and emotional pain endured by all parties involved in cancer treatment. Acting like a, "grandpa" to the young patients and creating a "home away from home" atmosphere for families, Bob also exemplifies the metaparadigm of nursing through recognizing patients' emotions and wholeness in light of technology and poor prognosis. This style of nursing originates deeply from the character and honest heart of Bob, which ultimately allows patients and families to witness his passion and unrelenting care for patient wellbeing and health. When a patient recognizes this type of nurse, a sense of safety and reassurance is created from the notion that regardless of outcomes, one person will completely and whole-heartedly fight for their mental, physical and psychosocial health.

After witnessing both of these nurses display admirable clinical practices, which comprehensively included the components of the nursing metaparadigm, I have become more empowered to continue my education and passion in nursing and increasingly inspired to make tangible differences in my patients' lives through unadulterated care for their whole wellbeing. Both practitioners had unique styles in their healthcare delivery, however each possessed the passion for health and allowed their sincere dedication and interest show forth in their practice, ultimately resulting in great patient care and a betterment of their communities. Mona had a specific influence on my education and care standards with her role as primary care practitioner in a community clinic. Not only did she display great medical competency and care for her patients, she delivered healthcare to a region both medically and economically impoverished. With my own passions for primary healthcare as an FNP and community service, Mona exhibited an exemplary way in which both passions can simultaneously be achieved. In fact, I was honestly so inspired by her work I emailed her, thanking her for the contributions she gave to the Mt. Morris community, the inspiring style of healthcare delivery she portrayed, and her influence on my own healthcare career paths. I truly appreciated her work and philosophies on patient-directed care and I hope to achieve a role like hers in a community clinic, specifically in a medically and economically underserved area. Without forgetting Bob's passionate work, I greatly appreciated his manner of treating the children like his own; giving them unrestricted attention, confidence, sincerity, and hope. To dedicate yourself so deeply to patients, where they almost become your family, was absolutely inspiring and an area of health care that needs great furthering. With that, I hope to incorporate his style of care and passion into my own practice, whether it is with children, adults or the elderly population. To selflessly give yourself to your patients creates such a special, trusting bond that supersedes the challenges of healthcare and ultimately leads to the healing of physical, mental and psychosocial ailments.

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