2011 Winning Essay

2011 A Nurse I Am Scholarship winners were asked to answer the following: Which of the attributes of the nurses who appear in the film would you like to emulate - and why?

Ashley McCurry

Gardner-Webb University School of Nursing
Boiling Springs, NC

Nurse = C.A.R.I.N.G.

Nursing constitutes much more than measuring vital signs and administering medications. Rather, it encompasses an entire individual’s being: mind, body, and soul. “Nursing care comes in many forms. Sometimes it is the ability to make someone feel physically comfortable by various means. Other times it is the ability to improve the body’s ability to achieve or maintain health. But often “it is an uncanny yet well honed knack to see beyond the obvious and address, in some way, the deeper needs of the human soul,” claims Donna Wilk Cardiollo from A Daybook for Beginning Nurses. Thus, nurses do not simply treat and. Or help cure diseases. Caring nurses delve deep inside their patient’s true person to better know and understand what makes him “tick”, so that not only his physical needs but also his emotional and spiritual needs are met.

Caring is the foundation upon which nursing is established. A home with a solid foundation requires innumerable materials to ensure its security and functioning. Nurses are comparable to the putty within homes because they repair and mend life’s broken pieces to ensure that a client is healthy, happy, and functioning in all of life’s dimensions. Nursing derives from caring worker who display:


advocate for and

reassure their patients, recognize the

“I” in patient and act selflessly to fulfill their every need, and treat their patients in a

nurturing, loving, respectful, and

genuine manner.

C.a.r.i.n.g. is the imperative attribute that I aspire to emulate as a nurse, and I desire to do it in the same manner as Bob Wilkinson.

Compassion exudes from Bob Wilkinson’s heart of pure, untainted gold because he treats each of his patients as if he or she were his own child. Bob hurts when he is unable to provide answers for his patients and their families, when he cannot stop his patient’s nausea and vomiting, and when he must temporarily hurt his patients by injecting their medicine. While examining nursing responsibilities, one will not find “shave one’s head to comfort one’s patients and provide holistic care.” Nevertheless, Bob goes the extra mile to make his patients feel as comfortable as possible, like they are “home away from home.”

Advocacy indicates that most patients do not possess the energy or resilience to care for themselves or make the most appropriate decisions regarding their care. A nurse like Bob Wilkinson is necessary to ensure that adequate information is provided to the patient and to support decisions that the patient makes.

Reassurance is a small but essential piece of nursing that comforts patients during their most vulnerable, anxiety-producing times. Hearing the words, “We will provide you with the best possible care,” gives patients peace and security that they deserve.

I is located in the word patient. However, it is not in the word nurse. A nurse must selflessly serve his patient with all of his heart to meet his every need. Simply passing out a toy to a child brightens his entire day and provides with a distraction from the terrible disease he is enduring. Humbly serving others during their vulnerable times is the purpose for which we were placed on this earth. Bob seeks no fame or honor for meeting patient’s needs. Instead, he faithfully and humbly serves his patients.

Nurture is a loving way to provide care for others. Almost anyone can competently perform nursing skills, if taught the appropriate technique. However, nurses like Bob are recognizable because they honestly desire the well-being of their patients as manifested by their words and actions.

Genuineness denotes passion is exhibited for nursing, rather than “it’s my job” or “to pay bills.” An authentic nurse has a smile on his face and love in his heart when he provides care for his patients. While experiencing illness, patients deserve to be blessed with a nurse who honestly desires his well-being and will do everything in his power to make sure he gets all that he needs. Bob’s aura reveals genuineness.

God has gifted me with caring heart and a love for people. I desire to faithfully serve God everyday by caring for my patients the way Bob cares for his and the way my Savior cares for me. Upon examination of life and its meaning, I realize the underlying ideologies and keys to success are to love God and love others by humbly serving people to meet their every need.

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